Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Project Management Tech Tools - Google Analytics

I think that Google Analytics is a great tool to mention for the end of this class. Google Analytics is a evaluation tool to help measure the success of your website and gauge the response and interactions you have had with the public. This is the perfect tool for a project manager when working with websites and has the need for evalulationThere are standard and premium accounts that you can purchase. You can sign up for free!
  • All they need is some basic info about what site you'd like to monitor.
  • You'll get a tracking code to paste onto your pages so Google knows when your site is visited.
  • In a few hours you'll be able to start seeing data about your site.

Turn insights into action.

Improve performance across your sites, apps, and other marketing channels. Google Analytics and related products can help you turn customer insights into actionable solutions for your business.

Get more value from your data.

Google Analytics Premium was built with large organizations in mind, with data that’s accurate, integrated, actionable, and fully supported by our expert account management and training teams.

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