Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Project Management Tech Tools - Fundbox

For my 5th Tech Blog I would like to share Fundbox
Fundbox puts you in control of your cash flow
  • Clear invoices as low as $100.
  • Cash upfront. Use the funds for whatever you need.
  • No Hidden Fees. Fair & Transparent pricing.
  • Get started in as little as 30 seconds
  • Get 100% of the invoice value.
  • Your clients continue to pay directly to you as usual.
Create a Free Account in under a Minute, 100% Online, just need to enter an email and password to get started. 
Register & select your bookkeeping app and you’re done. Your outstanding invoices instantly appear in your Fundbox dashboard

Is there any cost to set up my account?

No- it’s FREE.
There’s no cost to setup your account, no paperwork, and we don’t require any personal guarantees. Once you set up your account, it’s ready and waiting with no cost or obligation.

How much does Fundbox cost?

You’ll see the full cost before you advance an invoice.
The reasonable fee varies by the amount you advance. Only pay for what you use. The faster you pay it back, the more you’ll save.

Say goodbye to 
Net-30/60/90 payments.

Fundbox will advance you cash for your outstanding invoices. Sign up, connect your accounting app and start clearing invoices.

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