Sunday, March 1, 2015

If the Shoe Fits....

This week I would like to talk about this image I came across.

Now I do believe that technology is a tool, but I do think much more than that. I agree to some extent with this message but for the most part I would have to disagree.

Technology motivates me everyday, with my undergraduate work in fine art and graphic design I use technology everyday and am always looking for better, greater and newer technology. Every time I get a new tool it does motivate immensely. I bought myself a new camera and a spike in photography creativity went through the roof. I got a new iphone and social networking goes soaring. I get a new Macbook Pro and my video editing and graphic design skills strengthen.

Yes it is just a tool but it does motivate you to grow and expand in your skills and interests. So we know technology can be as little as a pencil, knowing that if you give an artist all new color pencils it will motivate them to create art. Same with a new pair of sneakers, does it not motivate you to get out there and run, jog, walk or go work out? Of course it does...

Technology does motivate me.... everyday!

Here is a great article that shows 4 ways to motivate the workplace with technology.

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