Monday, February 9, 2015

Some decisions are hard!

This week has been very difficult between doctors appointments, radiology appointments, orthopedic appointments, school, work and home life I feel like I am not going to make it. 

After getting my results of my MRI from my orthopedic surgeon, I am out on disability for a month at least. I tore my MCL in two spots, have a damaged medial meniscus (cartilage between the knee), a sprained ACL (thank goodness its not torn) and a Baker Cyst behind my ACL. The baker cyst is a common reaction to trauma to the knee, the fluid build up has no where to go and a cyst is formed. The problem is if it doesn't go down or get treated you can get a blockage from it, which is not good and painful.

I am going to try to continue my schooling as much as possible but I am finding it a bit overwhelming. I have 3 graduate courses, one is all online, and two are asynchronous/hybrid courses.

The online part is no problem as I am living on my couch with leg raised above my heart, on pain meds and an ice/chryo machine. Fortunately, I just purchased a brand new powerhouse MacBook Pro so that is living on my lap. However my two other courses I have to commute to school (not allowed or supposed to be driving) and sit there in a desk for hours (also not allowed to do).  Therefore I am going to have to drop one of my courses. Unfortunately this is not my style and don't want this to mess up my planned graduation and course schedule.

Luckily I have great professors who have been working with me to make the best decisions and get through this as painlessly as possible without messing up my course schedule to graduate in May 2016. Unfortunately I am going to have to withdrawal from my Special Topics in Gaming course and pick up an extra one in the summer semester.

Thank your everyone's help in this, the love of my life Jim, my family and sisters, his family, our friends and my professors, my advisor, and my co-workers. Thanks for your support and help!

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