Sunday, February 1, 2015

I am TOO old for the Terrain Park!

I took the weekend off to go skiing with my man for the 4th time this season. We were having such a great day everything was going perfect, until the LAST RUN!

We decided to go through the terrain park one more time, I hit the biggest jump and throught I could fly. Well I guess I can't... fly that is, because I landed in the ER with a torn MCL.

Sadly I didn't know how bad of an injury this is, I looked at the doctor and said "well at least it is not broke",  her face was priceless when I found out that broken was actually what I was hoping for.

I have broken many bones in my life time and now knowing what is in store for me with this type of injury I am very nervous. I took a lot on this semester, and am hoping for this not to slow me down.

In the skiing world my injury is directly related to a "YARD SALE" if you don't know what a yard sale is, well its when everything you own flies off of you as a result of falling and is now laid out all over the mountain.

If you don't know much about the knee anatomy here is a great image of it.  I tore my Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) and will find out after MRI if I also did damage to my ACL.

Most knee injuries are common to be found with multiple ligament injuries but can not be discovered until you have an orthopedic surgeon do some tests and analyze your MRI. Worst case scenario is both are torn and it might be as long as 6 months of recovery with surgery. Best case is my MCL is not completely torn and I have about 6-8 weeks of recovery without surgery.

The problem is I heard the POP of death, which normally is the feared sound of your ACL actually separating from the Femur bone, resulting in a loud POP / ripping sound. UGH... so I am not not hopeful but praying for good news.

Here is a great article on ligament injuries. Please send good thoughts my way or post something funny to make me SMILE :)

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