Thursday, January 22, 2015

Welcome Back MAIT-ERS!!!

So, if this is your first MAIT class ever or first day back...
Welcome .... Welcome Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great break and holiday season, I know I sure did, now unfortunately its back to the semester grind. Trying to find your groove and figure out a way to JUGGLE everything can be a challenge.

You can take advice from the pros, read websites, blogs and articles but no matter what you have to do what works best for you.

You will run into at least some or all of the following obstacles:

  • Class work load
  • Professional Career work load
  • Schedule
  • Family Life
  • Love Life
  • Health 
  • Sports and Fitness

Learn to prioritize and take each week as it comes, most importantly
DO NOT Fall Behind. It is very difficult to get back on task...

Here is a great article from Forbes that breaks down Grad School Survival in 4 Easy Steps.

I hope everyone has a great semester Have fun and learn something!

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