Wednesday, November 26, 2014

iphone vs Galaxy

iphone 6 takes the WIN!!!!!!!!

So after:

  •   3 1/2 hours to purchase the Samsung 5s Galaxy
  •   10 days of using it to "try to adjust"
  •   1 1/2 hour trying to return it only to find out they are out of iPhones
  •   1 hour drive to Woodbridge (closest location with one in stock)
  •    Another hour and half to purchase.... 

For a total of : 247.5 wasted hours

It's official I am holding my new best friend the "iphone 6 - space grey 64gb". 

You know the saying, if you love something let it go.... well it came back and I know it was meant to be :)

Here are the reasons I surrendered back to the iphone: 

  • All my data came right back from the transfer.
  • iphone is seamless, simple and works perfectly
  • All my purchased apps are back, otherwise had to repurchase. 
  • I can use one hand, Galaxy was just a bit too big
  • Galaxy Mail accounts were kept into many spots
  • Galaxy user interface was confusing and all over the place, although it did have more options and settings. 
  • The Galaxy was very cheesy looking in its design and icon, iphone is sleek!
  • The data management with itunes, apps, music and pictures is amazing. 
  • Plastic case vs Aluminum case.
  • The passcode option on the Galaxy was annoying you had to hit ok after each time and you only had 5 seconds. 
  • The fingerprint on the Galaxy was annoying also, you had to swipe multiple times, iphone you touch. 

And Siri refers to me as Princess... always :) 

Happy Thanks Giving everyone. 

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