Monday, November 17, 2014

Choosing your Technology Wisely!

So this week I had the wonderful option to upgrade my phone. I have proudly been an iphone user since they came out and have always been true to them.

Well recently after doing some research and finally getting fed up of a few issues the iphone has given me, I decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S5 over the iPhone 6 . I was very excited, I love the screen size and most importantly I wanted it to work with all the Google apps.

Being in graduate school and working with so many school districts, I have realized how much more connected I am to my Google account. This was my final decision breaker that led me to the Andriod over the iphone.

Within the first 10 minutes of purchasing I felt I had made a TERRIBLE decision. I wanted to instantly change my mind but my sales person assured me I had 12 days to return and go back to the iphone. There have been so many issues with switching over, but so far I think I have managed to correct all of them. Yes I still have a few things I like better about the iphone but there are beginning to be a bunch of things I am liking better about the Galaxy.

I am giving it a chance, I have until next Monday, and I will make my decision by this Friday to leave a buffer to switch back over the weekend if needed. Everyone I have spoken to that are diehard iphone lovers are calling me a TRAITOR, however everyone that uses the Galaxy says once you make the switch (although difficult) you will never look back.

I am weighing my pro's and con's and this weeks blog is going to help me decide. Please give me feedback as to what you think and thoughts :)

What I miss most about the iphone is that I know all the tips and tricks and shortcuts, not to say that the Galaxy doesn't have them but I have to figure them out and learn them. Like taking a screen shot by holding the lock and home buttons at the same time.

I do love the Google Photo Sync and how it emails me a memory every day that is pretty cool.

I love having all the Google apps. For school this is priceless, all my Google docs are there in drive, my blog, my forms, my sites etc... so great.

I HATE how long it takes to charge and how quick it dies. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

I hate that I lost my iphone apps, and I don't have iTunes anymore :(

My pics got a bit messed up but that ok as I have plenty of back ups.

Here is a great site that compares them apples to apples on the hardware and software specs... what do you all think??? Stand by for my final decision in next weeks blog :)

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