Thursday, September 25, 2014

Learning Behaviors

OK... I admit it....

I made it to Graduate School without taking a PSYCH class

Little did I know that is where I could have learned about some of the most useful tools of learning behaviors for the MAIT program.

My adviser said... "That's ok Kellee, no it wasn't a prerequisite, but now you have some learning to do."

So here I am... taking the Andragogy approach by Malcolm Knowles, to learn about learning behaviors. I never had any idea how many learning theories are out there. I also had no idea how many I already knew about but didn't know the verbiage and content to discuss them. My professor sent me a website that really gave me a fabulous starting point to dive in and do my research and self teach myself as much as I can  about Learning Theories.

Information Processing Theory (G. Miller) Should have been something I studied in Computer Science, but that is not at all what I was learning, I was learning binary code and HTML...

I found it amazing how much humans compute information like computers do. Now it only makes sense. This is a great picture on how the Information Processing Theory is laid out in an image...

 Makes perfect sense to me... then again, I have a computer science background... so if some wants to take a second to describe to me how the: Algo-Heuristic Theory (L. Landa), works... then I am all ears.

 Have a great week everyone and hope you learn something :)


  1. Hi Kellee,

    Don't feel bad about not taking a psych class. I took intro to psych my first semester as an undergrad but don't remember anything about what we covered.
    The interesting thing about learning theories is that many of them are quite intuitive. Once you've learned about a particular theory, you might realize that you've understood what it's saying all along but you just didn't have a name to attach to that understanding.
    I can't believe you haven't had any takers for Algo-Heuristic theory yet. I'm not going to attempt it either.

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