Sunday, January 3, 2016

Social Media - Value Crest

For my first Blog in my final T&D Certificate course, Social Media, I wanted to share my Value Crest.  The values found in this crest are 6 of the most important values to me in my professional and collegiate life. I will follow the scoring rubric for all my completed assignments in this course. This crest was completed using a few tools,, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

HPI Trainer vs Consultant

Here is a infographic comparison to help one understand the differences between a Professional Trainer and a Performance Consultant. I used to create the infographic.

Dr. Ackerman's Performance Consultant Model

Here is my explanation of Dr. Ackerman's Performance Consultant Model. I created this screencast using Camtasia Studio 8 and is hosted on my Youtube channel.

HPI PLN - Symbaloo

I created my personal learning network for my Human Performance Improvement graduate course at Stockton University, using Symbaloo. Use the link to view on symbaloo, or use widget below but you will need to scroll to the right to view all tiles.

What would you do? HPI Scenario

Here is my What would you do Scenario for my Human Performance Improvement course. What would you do? by kelleestatt on GoAnimate

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Team Development Inforgraphic

Here is an infographic that I created using on Tuckman's Development Group Model. Demonstrating the steps of Teamwork... is a great free web2.0 tool that you can try for free to create your own interactive Infographics!

Use this this interactive link if code below doesn't display correct!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Website Design Tech Blog - Parallax.js

I was so happy that Jung took the time to fit in the instruction on creating and working with Parallax website design. While working on mine more I found this site that gave me some extra clean code, options and downloads. Take a look at it as it will definitely enhance your Parallax.js learning experience!
Its free and I tested some of the code and everything worked great... Happy coding!
Simple parallax scrolling effect inspired by implemented as a jQuery plugin


Simple parallax scrolling effect inspired by implemented as a jQuery plugin


Download and include parallax.min.js in your document after including jQuery.
<script src=""></script>
<script src="/path/to/parallax.min.js"></script>


Via data attributes

To easily add a parallax effect behind an element, add data-parallax="scroll" to the element you want to use, and specify an image with data-image-src="/path/to/image.jpg".
<div class="parallax-window" data-parallax="scroll" data-image-src="/path/to/image.jpg"></div>

Via JavaScript

To call the parallax plugin manually, simply select your target element with jQuery and do the following:
$('.parallax-window').parallax({imageSrc: '/path/to/image.jpg'});


What parallax.js will do is create a fixed-position element for each parallax image at the start of the document's body. This mirror element will sit behind the other elements and match the position and dimensions of its target object.
Due to the nature of this implementation, you must ensure that these parallax objects and any layers below them are transparent so that you can see the parallax effect underneath. Also, if there is no other content in this element, you will need to ensure that it has some fixed dimensions otherwise you won't see anything.
.parallax-window {
    min-height: 400px;
    background: transparent;
Also, keep in mind that once initialized, the parallax plugin presumes a fixed page layout unless it encounters a scroll or resize event. If you have a dynamic page in which another javascript method may alter the DOM, you must manually refresh the parallax effect with the following commands:


Options can be passed in via data attributes of JavaScript. For data attributes, append the option name to data-, as in data-image-src="".
Note that when specifying these options as html data-attributes, you should convert "camelCased" variable names into "dash-separated" lower-case names (e.g. zIndex would be data-z-index="").
imageSrcpathnullYou must provide a path to the image you wish to apply to the parallax effect.
naturalWidthnumberautoYou can provide the natural width and natural height of an image to speed up loading and reduce error when determining the correct aspect ratio of the image.
positionxPos yPoscenter centerThis is analogous to the background-position css property. Specify coordinates as top, bottom, right, left, center, or pixel values (e.g. -10px 0px). The parallax image will be positioned as close to these values as possible while still covering the target element.
speedfloat0.2The speed at which the parallax effect runs. 0.0 means the image will appear fixed in place, and 1.0 the image will flow at the same speed as the page content.
zIndexnumber-100The z-index value of the fixed-position elements. By default these will be behind everything else on the page.
bleednumber0You can optionally set the parallax mirror element to extend a few pixels above and below the mirrored element. This can hide slow or stuttering scroll events in certain browsers.
iosFixbooleantrueiOS devices are incompatable with this plugin. If true, this option will set the parallax image as a static, centered background image whenever it detects an iOS user agent. Disable this if you wish to implement your own graceful degradation.
androidFixbooleantrueIf true, this option will set the parallax image as a static, centered background image whenever it detects an Android user agent. Disable this if you wish to enable the parallax scrolling effect on Android devices.
overScrollFixbooleanfalse(Experimental) If true, will freeze the parallax effect when "over scrolling" in browsers like Safari to prevent unexpected gaps caused by negative scroll positions.


If you have a pull request you would like to submit, please ensure that you update the minified version of the library along with your code changes. This project uses uglifyjs to perform code compression.
Please use the following command:
uglifyjs parallax.js --comments -m -c -o parallax.min.js